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Employers are looking for low cost solutions.


Every CA employer with 5 or more employees must provide training every other year. If you provided training in 2019, this is your year to train! We provide 3 instructor-led and 2 online solutions.

A challenge for every employer with California employees.

Every CA employer will need to provide harassment prevention training to all their employees (and supervisors). Employers at least every other year. Employers are looking for easy and low cost solutions. Employers Group is pleased to provide 3 instructor-led solutions plus 2 online learning solutions with pricing as low as $15 per trainee.

* eTrainingPortal.com with 10+ Harassment courses plus many additional online courses.

Three Instructor-Led Solutions
$15 Per Seat Harassment elearning

Quick & Easy

Order your instructor-led training quickly & easily online & we will take care of the details.

Dedicated Experts

Our subject matter experts have more than 20 years delivering harassment prevention training.


Our supervisory training is AB1825 compliant & Our employee training is SB1343 compliant.

Available Anywhere & Anytime!

We deliver virtually and in-person anywhere in Southern California or San Diego. Contact us for training located outside these areas, including Sacramento, Northern California and the Bay Area. Pricing is valid through 12/31/2021..

Plus we offer a Do-IT-Yourself (DIY) Kit for you or a knowledgeable team member to deliver the training.

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We deliver virtually anywhere and in-person in Southern California or San Diego for the pricing below (contact us for training located outside these areas). Pricing is valid through December 31, 2021.

Option 1: Pay By The Hour

Price: $550
Save: $100!

Virtual Training Solution.  Pay by the hour.  Identify the number of employee (1 hour) and supervisory (2 hour) sessions needed.   We deliver a highly-interactive session for up to 40 trainees.   Each individual will need their own web/audio connection to insure interactivity requirements are met.   (If you need in-person, instructor led training, see Option 2).

AB1825 compliant & SB1343 compliant

Attendee materials included "electronic file"

Customizable rosters, acknowledgement form & certificate of completion

Option 1 (pay by hour): 1 hour, 2 hours, whatever you need across days or months!

Delivery in English (contact us for Spanish delivery)


Option 2: One to Four Groups

Price: $2050
Save: $300!

AB1825 compliant & SB1343 compliant

Up to 4 delivery hours virtually or 5 consecutive hours of in-person, instructor-led training on the same day in SoCal or San Diego. Contact us for pricing outside these areas. Ideal for complying with AB1825 and/or SB1343. Or contact us to "pay by virtual delivery hour" at a low hourly rate (see option 1).

Attendee materials included "electronic file"

Customizable rosters, acknowledgement form & certificate of completion

Option 2 (4-5 hours): 2 supervisory groups, or 1 supervisory group and 2 employee-level groups, or 3 employee groups, or 4 employee groups.

Delivery in English (contact us for Spanish delivery)


Option 3: DIY Training Kit

Price: $950
Save: $100!

A turn-key DIY training kit for HR professionals to train their employees (1 hour) and supervisors (2 hours). Ideal for complying with SB1343 and AB1825. Free updates, if any, are available for one year from purchase date.

PowerPoint & Attendee materials

Includes a supervisor version and employee version (English or Spanish only)

Customizable rosters, quiz/evaluation form, certificate of completion, & much more

Available in English or Spanish

A preview of DIY training kit

Order Online. Receive the Lowest Price. (Buy today via credit card)

Ordering: The above fee includes the facilitator per hour (option 1) or 4 virtual delivery hours / 5 consecutive hours (option 2) during regular business hours (8am-5pm) along with electronic materials. 30 minutes minimum is required between groups (with a maximum of 4 hour of actual training deliver per day) equating to the following training combinations:

  • Option 1 (Virtual Training Solution.Pay by the hour): select the number of total hours, which CAN be delivered across multiple days, weeks or even months.  
  • Option 2 (5 hours): 1 or 2 supervisory groups, 1 supervisory group and 2 employee-level groups, 3 employee groups, or 4 employee groups.  Maximum of 4 hours of actual delivery hours per day. For virtual, sessions can be scheduled across multiple days.

Instructor-Led Training:  For on-site, after delivery you will be invoiced for: (1) mileage and (2) travel time ($100 per hour) if you are over 1 hour from El Segundo.  Virtual training will be delivered via Zoom.   We will provide a link per session ordered that can be shared with attendees.  Upon completion of training, we will provide an attendance documentation email, including total time each trainee was in training, a training recap, attendance, along with a PDF copy of the presentation used.

  • Option 3: DIY Training Kit: The Do-It-Yourself Training Kit is for an HR or harassment subject matter expert within your Organization to deliver a minimum of one hour of employee-level harassment prevention training or two-hour supervisory training. The kit includes: PowerPoint, attendee materials to print, rosters, certificates, facilitator notes, quiz/evaluation form, DFEH documents. Upon purchase, the DIY kit is licensed to the purchasing organization to provide training to the employees of their organization only. If you are a consultant, please contact us.

Contact us at 213.999.3941 or training@everythinghr.com with any questions.   Invoicing is available for a $150 administrative fee per invoice.  Order online and save!

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Some of the testimonials of our clients.

D. Schlocker
Director, HR, CSE Insurance

No other organization has either the depth or breadth of expertise as EverythingHR. My corporate counsel is the only service that comes close. Frankly, for my budget, I get much more value through EverythingHR.

Karen Hammond
Human Resources Manager, Jamboree Housing Corporation, Irvine, CA

Last year we worked with EverythingHR to create a team-building day. A year later, staff from all locations are still talking about the fun and interactive day that they participated in. We look forward to working with EverythingHR again!

J. Weber
Director of Human Resources, Advanced Medical Analysis, LLC

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received from a colleague was to join EverythingHR. I am extremely satisfied and proud to bring EverythingHR with me wherever I work.