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A Refreshing Twist on Recruitment

EverythingHR has partnered with Engage2Excel to provide our members with expert, hands-on recruiting services, along with a world class Applicant Tracking System. The service and technology have built-in OFCCP-compliance, and Engage2Excel’s team of U.S. based professional Recruiters won’t walk away until the job is done…at 7% of base salary cost per hire on average!

How is that possible? Teamwork, tools, and technology:

  • Professional Writers develop marketing materials that ensure that every job is presented in a compelling, realistic, and interactive way.
  • Professional Recruiters, Sourcers, and Media Specialists get the word out to the broadest, most targeted pool of active and passive candidate prospects.
  • Detailed screening tools help our recruiters get to the strongest prospects first and conduct phone interviews that are thorough, consistent, and on point.
  • Candidate review and evaluation tools help our client Hiring Managers compare, evaluate, and keep track of candidates easily.
  • A technology backbone, developed in-house, supports every aspect of the recruitment process.
  • Dedicated quality department ensures that obstacles to success are removed quickly and every client receives the kind of service that is completely unexpected at our low price.
  • 12 month candidate warranty gives us skin in the game relative to the quality of hires we produce.

Since 1992 Engage2Excel has filled thousands of positions at all levels for clients nationwide. Let’s get your positions filled!

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