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About Compensation Consulting & Research

Compensation and Research

EverythingHR‘s Research Services constantly updates our comprehensive national and California database covering HR practices, compensation, benefits, budgets, and trends by conducting in-depth research on the most pressing human resources issues and topics impacting employers. Our surveys are designed to help you estimate current labor market rates, analyze human resources practices, and determine what’s right for your company.

Publications and Communications

We publish a monthly HR newsletter covering a wide array of HR topics and expert advice. We also send timely emails on topical issues, employment law case studies, current events, and upcoming workshops to keep you up to date on HR practices, issues, and trends.

Briefings and Events

EverythingHR offers regular briefings and events. These events keep you informed of new legislation, on top of important issues, and provide valuable opportunities to network with your HR peers.

Customized Solutions

All of our compensation solutions are customized and tailored to specifications from each company. We do not use off-the-shelf solutions, but establish packages specific to each company.

  • Assess total labor investment, market price it, and evaluate any changes needed.
  • Accommodate a plan to meet the organization’s talent, labor and financial goals, as well as strategic goals and missions.
  • Restructure or rearrange the total HR costs and financial commitments to plans and programs that yield a higher HR ROI.
  • Our compensation practices are based on research and analysis of real data on compensation and benefit practices.
  • Supplement your compensation package through a variety of HR assessment tools such as employee opinion or engagement surveys, organizational culture surveys, and performance appraisal.

Compensation Consulting Services

EverythingHR’s Compensation Solutions create and sustain a variety of consulting services; from market pricing and analysis to more in depth total rewards plans covering both compensation and benefits costs. Creating a competitive compensation and benefits package boosts employee morale and retention, and attracts future employees. Your partners at EverythingHR understand your needs and can help your company plan an effective strategy to meet your goals.

Define, align, and develop a compensation solution program for your unique needs.

Compensation Services:

  • Market Analysis
  • Wage & Salary Administration Policy
  • Incentive Plan Design and Alternative Pay Programs
  • Executive Compensation Review
  • Performance Management

Job Classification Services:

  • Job Analysis and Evaluation Programs
  • Job Descriptions
  • FLSA Exemption Review
  • Salary Grades

Services May Include:

  • Online solutions
  • Implementation, including employee & management training
  • Strategic planning and recommendations on compensation issues
  • Compensation philosophy development

Free Compensation Program Consultation Review
Take our Compensation Assessment for a free 20-minute consultation with our experts.
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Complete the Compensation Assessment and provide us the information on your current compensation plan. A Consulting Coordinator will get back to you within 24-hours to arrange a 20-minute phone call with one of our consultants.

Employee Opinion Survey

Online Employee Opinion Survey
Let EverythingHR help you define your Employee Engagement Strategies.

At the core of any organization’s efforts to build an effective engagement strategy is an understanding of how employees view and feel about where they work, what motivates them, and what values they hold high. To support organizations who want an engaged workforce, EverythingHR offers a simple, but powerful tool: An Online Employee Opinion Survey.

Member Benefit

  • No-cost benefit ($1,600 value)
  • Custom built online survey within 2 business days of registration
  • Custom survey link
  • Company portal with participation tracking and report access
  • Employee communication templates

Q. Is an online employee opinion survey right for your organization?
A. An Employee Opinion Survey is used to assess an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, and issues affecting employee morale and organizational performance. The results allow companies to develop an effective and engaging management program, prepare their organization for change, and understand what employees value in their work life.

Poll Employees on a variety of topics:

  1. Engagement
  2. Quality and Productivity
  3. Working Conditions
  4. Policies and Practices
  5. Supervisory Effectiveness – Management Skills
  6. Employee Development and Recognition
  7. Supervisory Effectiveness – People Skills
  8. Quality of Work Life
  9. Communication
  10. Reaction to the Survey
  11. Compensation and Benefits
  12. Management Effectiveness


Q. I would like to deploy an Employee Opinion Survey, but not all my employees have access to a computer to take it, can we still use the survey?
A. Yes! The EOS can be sent via paper and online, however additional costs may apply for data input.

Q. Can an EOS be translated into a language other than English?
A. Yes, we can translate the survey into another language if needed.

Q. I’m not sure how to communicate to my employees the process of an EOS, can you help?
A. Included in the annual EOS package that comes with the membership are numerous templates that help you communicate to your employees the launch, completion, and results of the EOS.

Q. Can I see a sample Employee Opinion Survey report?
A. We are more than happy to provide a sample of the report for a completed EOS. Please email ResearchServices@EverythingHR.com for the sample.

Sample Engagements

Multi-Location Medical Service Organization with 240 employees

As part of an effort to develop employee-based programs, a medical provider organization, with 240 employees, request assistance to analyze its current practices, policies and employee rewards. The goal was to develop programs that can better engage and motivate employees and hence, increase the productivity of the organization.  Productivity was defined as the ability of the organization to maximize its labor resources and meet a series of goals along a five-year plan.   The process developed by Employers Group consisted in obtaining employees’ input via an employee opinion survey and through a series of onsite focus groups.

Based on the analysis of the job-related documentation and data gathered during the interviews with the incumbents and management, EG delivered a series of written reports including findings and recommendations concerning each major department and functional group. In addition, detail employee-feedback was delivered to the organization’s upper management team along with recommendations to streamline the organization’s inter-department projects.  The project teams were then tasked with the responsibility to lead efforts on completing cross-departmental goals.  Once implemented, the recommendations allowed the organization to effectively train and organize its departments along its five-year plan.

Non-profit higher education agency, $35 million operating budget, 550 employees:

Needs: A review of the agency’s compensation strategy and incentive pay program, including payouts and plan structure, goal alignment, and merit pay, as well as benefit offerings and employee/employer contributions; establish internal pay equity comparability based on gender and ethnicity.

Services rendered: A market study and analysis of total compensation with emphasis on the incentive plan and variable pay for commercial non-profits and auxiliaries in higher education. Interview managers, review job descriptions, evaluate classifications, and other employee data to establish internal pay equity. Design and implement a compensation program tailored to the agency’s unique market demands, including: a report on the impact of the new plan vs. the current employee census in order to coordinate cost implementation strategies that meet the organization’s payroll budget expectations; provide sample employee communication about changes to compensation program.

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