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Unemployment Claims Management Services

| 07/25/2017 |

Initial Claims

  • Secure address of record with State Workforce Agencies
    • This will direct all claims, decisions, etc. to EverythingHR
  • Manage unemployment activity via our EdgeWise paperless claims management system
  • Communicate immediately with Client to gather separation information as appropriate
  • File detailed, accurate, and timely protests with appropriate state offices
  • Contact Client immediately with state adjudicator questions for additional information
  • Send Decision letter to Client with the final status of each claim that is protested


  • Consult with Client in regards to filing an appeal should claim not be won at initial level
  • File the appeal with state offices upon Client’s direction
  • Upon request of client (and for an additional charge per unemployment hearing)
    • Conduct pre-hearing conferences with Client, prepping witnesses for the hearing
    • Represent our Client at the hearing with the state, conduct a post hearing review
  • If we lose at the Hearing level, discuss prospects for secondary appeal with Client
  • Upon request of client (and for an additional charge per board level appeal)
    • File secondary appeal at Client’s request, includes the written Board Brief filed at the state

Auditing of Benefits & Charges

  • Auditing all benefits paid out from Client account back to specific claims in EdgeWise
  • Recovering on behalf of Client overpayments or other errors made by the state

Note:  the national average of mistakes made by states in payments on unemployment claims is over 9%!


  • Client will receive comprehensive, detailed quarterly reports on all claims activity
  • Data is sorted by State UI account for further analysis

Annual Tax Analysis  

  • Perform an audit of Client’s unemployment tax rates calculated annually by the states for each SUTA (State Unemployment Tax Account) number
  • In states that allow them, perform a voluntary contribution analysis to determine opportunity for further savings and make recommendations



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