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Sample UI Savings

EverythingHR Staff | 07/25/2017 |
Sample UI Savings With EverythingHR
Total Unemployment Claims per Year252502,500
Annual Protestable Claims171701,700
Sample Current Claims Win %70%70%70%
Average Improvement with EverythingHR18%18%18%
New Win %88%88%88%
Potential Unemployment Charges Saved with EverythingHR (based on average claim value of $5,200)$15,600$161,200$1,591,200
Realistic Unemployment Tax Savings with EverythingHR (based on 50% of the claim value actually charged to the employer’s account)$9,360$96,720$954,720
Typical Annual Fee for Services (is variable based on client specific data)$1,200$10,000$90,000
Typical Savings After Annual Fee$8,160$86,720$864,720
ROI with EverythingHR (dollars saved per dollar of annual fee)$7.80$9.67$10.61
Every dollar invested with EverythingHR can lead to a savings of $7 to $10 for your business.