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About Compensation Consulting & Research

| 06/26/2017 |

Compensation and Research

EverythingHR‘s Research Services constantly updates our comprehensive national and California database covering HR practices, compensation, benefits, budgets, and trends by conducting in-depth research on the most pressing human resources issues and topics impacting employers. Our surveys are designed to help you estimate current labor market rates, analyze human resources practices, and determine what’s right for your company.

Publications and Communications

We publish a monthly HR newsletter covering a wide array of HR topics and expert advice. We also send timely emails on topical issues, employment law case studies, current events, and upcoming workshops to keep you up to date on HR practices, issues, and trends.

Briefings and Events

EverythingHR offers regular briefings and events. These events keep you informed of new legislation, on top of important issues, and provide valuable opportunities to network with your HR peers.

Customized Solutions

All of our compensation solutions are customized and tailored to specifications from each company. We do not use off-the-shelf solutions, but establish packages specific to each company.

  • Assess total labor investment, market price it, and evaluate any changes needed.
  • Accommodate a plan to meet the organization’s talent, labor and financial goals, as well as strategic goals and missions.
  • Restructure or rearrange the total HR costs and financial commitments to plans and programs that yield a higher HR ROI.
  • Our compensation practices are based on research and analysis of real data on compensation and benefit practices.
  • Supplement your compensation package through a variety of HR assessment tools such as employee opinion or engagement surveys, organizational culture surveys, and performance appraisal.