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Live Helpline

| 06/25/2017 |

Whether you are in the midst of an HR emergency, or you want to run your action plan by a seasoned HR professional for some ‘best practices’ advice, our highly trained helpline experts will discreetly answer your most pressing HR questions. EverythingHR members enjoy unlimited phone and email access to our Helpline consultants.

Every year, our members rank the Live Helpline as our most popular service. As an EverythingHR member, you have unlimited call and email support regarding any HR question or issue – from regulations to employee relations. Our professional staff are excellent generalists, and each consultant specializes in certain areas. Consultants are available throughout the day to address your questions and concerns.

  • Our consultants are seasoned professionals, averaging 26+ years of experience.
  • EverythingHR is tied into a network of government agencies and outside experts, which means we can find your answers much faster than you would digging through search engine results.
  • We provide a “sounding board” for your HR issues. Even if you think you know the answer to your question, it often helps to discuss it with another HR professional.
  • Confidentiality. Our consultants are a safe place to discuss sensitive HR subjects concerning your company.
  • Objectivity. We provide a fresh look at a problem from an unbiased, outside point of view.

When you contact us by phone, you will talk to a live consultant. If it is necessary to leave a message, or if you contact us via email, we guarantee a same-day response, often within the hour.

Live Helpline: (833) 447-9111