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When an employee is injured, sent for medical treatment and a doctor sends the employee home, what are the employer’s pay liabilities?

| 07/04/2017 |

The employer is responsible for the medical care of an industrially injured worker. When an employee with a work-related injury or illness has been off work for three days or when he/she is hospitalized, the employee becomes eligible for payment from the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company. The temporary disability (TD) payments cannot extend beyond 104 weeks within 2 years of the commencement of TD payments for a single injury. Workers Compensation does not require the employer to pay the injured worker for time spent receiving subsequent medical treatment. If injured employee is non-exampt and cannot complete work on the day of injury, the employer should pay the balance of the day even though it is not required. Failure to pay will result in the day being counted as a lost workday. Exempt employees must always be paid for a full day when a part of the day is worked.