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LA Business Leaders, We Need Your Input! (9 Min Poll)

EverythingHR Staff | 03/29/2018 | Special Offers



BizFed’s Annual Pulse Poll is Now Open!

EverythingHR is proud to partner with BizFed to capture the voice of business in our Annual Business Pulse Poll. Your participation and insights help form and drive the discussion about improving business conditions with LA County’s Elected Officials.

All business leaders are invited to participate!

As an alliance of 170 business groups that represent 390,000 companies and employ 3.5 million people in LA County, BizFed’s poll results are taken seriously by elected officials at every level of government.

Please help us ensure that a diversity of perspectives are captured by our survey by taking the poll and encouraging your colleagues to participate as well.


Do last year’s results ring true for you?

Make sure you weigh in so your concerns rise to the top!

2017 Results:
1. Taxes and fees; #1 concern since 2011
2. Public Infrastructure (roads, rail, bridges,waterways, etc.); Moved from #5 (2016) to #2 in 2017; Top 10 concern since 2014
3. Government Regulation/Compliance; Top 5 concern since 2011
4. Legislative Gridlock (State and/or Federal); Moved from #9 (2016) to #4 in 2017
5. Transportation moved from #2 (2016) to #5 in 2017; Top 10 concern since 2012