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Featured Podcast – The Cultural Impact of 1 on 1 Meetings

EverythingHR Staff | 04/21/2021 | Blog, Featured

For our featured Podcast this week, we are digging into the treasure chest to bring you a fascinating piece of nostalgia.  For anyone that has been in HR for more than a year, you may have a fleeting memory of an ancient ritual called “the one-on-one performance review.”  Yes this really was a thing!

With the expectation that many of us will soon be returning to many of our old practices, we thought it would be particularly eye-opening to present a program form about a year ago, entitled The Cultural Impact of 1 on 1 Meetings.  In this episode, we tackle the performance review: an issue that is sometimes hotly debated. Some organizations still believe in yearly reviews, others on informal discussions, and still others believe that there should be no reviews at all. More importantly, at our current place in time, many organizations will be blazing a new path forward in terms of their performance review practices.

Our Podcast can be accessed here:  HR Works: The Podcast for Human Resources