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Are Your Employees Feeling the Love?

EverythingHR Staff | 02/14/2019 | Blog


It’s Valentine’s Day!

Are your employees feeling the love from their employer?

By Susan Peahl, Sr. Talent Development Specialist and OD Consultant for EHR


Employee engagement plays a critical role in the productivity of your workplace. Here are a few engagement statistics that may surprise you:

  • Gallup research shows that engagement has remained flat for 18 years; 70-75% of all workforce is disengaged!
  • Out of that group, around 18% are Actively Disengaged, which means approximately 52% of all workforce has ‘Quit & Stay Syndrome’. They have quit in their minds but are still coming to work for you.
  • 30% of the salary you pay them goes down the drain due to disengagement and lost productivity
  • The cost of turnover ranges from 50-400% of their salary (depending on their level and impact to the organization)

What can you do to turn this around and get employees feeling great about their organization? Require your managers and supervisors to hold Stay Interviews; engagement conversations that are not performance management conversations but where the manager asks and listens to the employees needs and ideas. Then, together, the manager and employee make a realistic action plan (Stay Plan) to help that employee feel happier about working at your organization. Happy and engaged employees are productive employees!

Click here to download our presentation on The Stay Interview, which includes:

  1. Statistics to help you sell the idea of Stay Interviews to your managers
  2. A proven process for a Stay Interview Plan
  3. Preparing your managers to deliver the Stay Interviews
  4. The Questions to ask in a Stay Interview
  5. How to hold managers accountable for their retention numbers, efforts, and forecasting who will stay and who is a ‘flight risk’

Click here to watch a recorded webinar version of this presentation.

Happy Valentine’s Day from EverythingHR!